FinOps will give you financial accountability to cloud spends

As you’ve been already very familiar with DevOps, DevSecOps, but perhaps not FinOps. This term is derived from Financial and Operations in cloud management. You will usually see this when your company talks about cloud cost optimization.

Commonly, Finance is concerned about the money and cost, and Ops (maybe they are but) thinks about how they can make the cloud more reliable and smooth change management in the cloud environment. …

Commonly, when you test the java program especially if there is a user input required (e.g. web application), we use JMeter, LoadRunner, Grinder, Gatling, etc. In rare cases, you may have console input by the user and you need to write unit tests.

I did some tests with JUnit 5 and tried some native testing codes. But remember, even if you want to write Junit testing scripts, you will need to use the mock framework. (e.g. Mockito)

public void getsIntegerWhenWithinBoundsOfOneToTen() throws Exception {
IntegerAsker asker = mock(IntegerAsker.class);

assertEquals(getBoundIntegerFromUser(asker), 3);

public void…

There are more titles for the solution architect than you know

The company sometimes hires the solution architect with the job description, which includes everything as much as they can. Actually, the solution architect can be categorized as more than one. Before the solution architect title has been popular, we had (still have) many architect roles but specialized like

  • Infrastructure Architect
  • Network Architect
  • Data Architect
  • Security Architect

I will brief what is difference between roles.

Infrastructure Architect is for the enterprise IT infrastructure, so-called, data center design and operation. They collect the business requirements and make infrastructure strategy aglined with…

It’s just the aggregation page

Troubleshooting guidelines

How to Debug


A virtual firewall (VF) is a network firewall service or appliance running entirely within a virtualized environment and which provides the usual packet filtering and monitoring provided via a physical network firewall. The VF can be realized as a traditional software firewall on a guest virtual machine already running, a purpose-built virtual security appliance designed with virtual network security in mind, a virtual switch with additional security capabilities, or a managed kernel process running within the host hypervisor. — WIKI

The firewall is usually used for two main purposes.

  1. Perimeter Control; keep your system separated from the rest of the…

Reserved Instances provide you with significant savings on your Amazon EC2 costs compared to On-Demand Instance pricing. Reserved Instances are not physical instances, but rather a billing discount applied to the use of On-Demand Instances in your account.

Reserved Instance is definitely a good option if your service will run for at least 1 year. It will save the cloud cost up to 72% based on the purchase option and region. You can leverage the organization (consolidated bill) to get the RI (Reserved Instance) discount applying to accounts in an organization’s consolidated billing family.

The purchasing option is also flexible…

Have you ever deleted something very important, which you can’t easily revert? Have you been surprised when you drop the table accidentally? Have you typed “the destroy” instead of “apply” and deleted all cloud resources?

There are many cases you accidentally mistake something and find it’s really difficult to go back to the previous status. And Oops recovery is NOT a backup/restore strategy.

If you have the database and read replica, your backup/restore plan is to promote the read replica to the master (primary) one. It may be a good one but not for the “Oops situation”. Because your corruption…

AWS Cost?

AWS enables you to take control of cost and continuously optimize your spending with modern technology and scalable applications. Cloud computing reduces a massive amount of CAPEX for the on-premises infrastructure and administrative cost, but you will face cost creep if you don’t manage and control them. (At least, you can’t use more if you have a limited number of servers in your server room)

AWS Cost Optimisation 101

Although you can find a lot of cloud cost reduction strategies, approaches, etc. the basic concept is the same.

Don’t spend more than how much you need

This looks easy, but it most certainly is…

No matter which type of industry, country, or auditor you have, logging is essential (mandatory) in your system management. Especially applications and systems logs are important for many business and compliance reasons, they must protect and retain adequately.

There are a number of types of logs for instances

  • Application/web server logs
  • IAM logs (Activity logs)
  • Infrastructure system logs
  • Database logs

The type can be categorized based on how we classify it.


Does your company have a well-defined policy? not just high-level? I of course can say

“Please put your log in a SAFE place, and protect by ACCESS control, and…

In gaming servers, the IOPS requirement is relatively high and a single AWS EBS can’t meet its requirement.

There are many types of EBS (Provisioned IOPS) and most cases will be satisfied with having Provisioned IOPS as Max IOPS/volume is 64,000 and 256,000.

Then, how could we support high IOPS requirements? There is a trick. Before talking about the solution you should understand:

  • RAID 0 (striping) array allows you to get a higher level of performance for a file system
  • You can attach multiple EBS to a single EC2 instance

How to configure RAID 0 Configuration on EBS Volumes:

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